The Roulette Recording contract called for the release of two LP albums and the band enter the local studio to record some new material for Fred Munao to hear at Roulette in consideration of the second album. The band’s line up now included: the original co-founders of the band-Mal Robinson (guitar and lead vocals) and Don Sligar(drums) along with Blair Honeyman-bass; Ferdy Baumgart-organ and guitar; and Dave Howell-guitar and keyboards. Howell was an addition in the Spring of 1970 while Baumgart replaced Don Anderson who left the band earlier in the summer that year. Baumgart performed in the local band White Clover which included Phil Ehart, Dan Hope, and Rich Williams later to be part of the band Kansas. The Morning Dew sound had now developed into a more progressive rock style with more intricate arrangements and featuring the Hammond B3 sound of Ferdy Baumgart.  Robinson’s songwriting style adapted well to the band’s new arrangement. Songs include: “Satin’s Gotta Hold on Thee”, “Lion/Away From It All”, “Flying Above Myself”,  “My Kind of Music”, “Someday”, “All the Time”, and “1849”. All songs were written by Mal Robinson with the exception of “All the Time” co-written with Dave Howell and “1849” co-written with Ferdy Baumgart.  The recordings were done in one afternoon and the sound is “raw” but tight using a four track recorder and basically recording all instruments and vocals  in one setting. The band looked at this as more of a “practice tape” for Roulette.