The original Morning Dew came mainly out of the tiny Topeka neighborhood of Oakland.  Three members Malcolm Robinson (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Don Sligar (Drums), Don Shufford (Bass) were joined by Garnett, Kansas native Don (Andy) Anderson (Guitar/Keyboards).  This group became wildly known with the release of the 45 RPM record No More.  No More was a local and regional hit and was played widely on area radio stations.  The band toured through out Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  During two summers they performed as the house band at Ron's Townhouse club at Bagnell Dam, Missouri.


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During 1967, Don Shufford left the band to join the military.  The "new" Dew added Blair Honeyman on bass to continue with the bands engagements and recordings.  Blair joined just before the summer of 1967 and recorded with the band.  This version of the band was signed by Roulette Records and Big Seven Music Corporation.  They recorded the album At Last in New York City, NY duing August, 1967.  Version 2 moved ahead with Malcolm Robinson (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Don Sligar (Drums), Don Anderson (Guitar/Keyboard) and Blair Honeyman (Bass).


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