The band entered the studio just three months later to record a follow-up  45 rpm single to “No More”.  Two more Mal Robinson original songs were recorded: “Be A Friend”( A side) and “Go Away”(B side). There was much debate as to which song to use for the A side. Some favoring  “Go Away” due to its style being similar to “No More”.  The band opted for the more soft/folksy tune “Be A Friend” to display the band’s versatility. The band’s line up continued to remain the same. However, the band did use Tommy Smith of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for the non-fuzz lead riffs on “Go Away” as well as Ken Tebow of Plato and the Philosophers for back up vocals on “Be A Friend”.  This second release did not experience the success of “No More”, making the band second guess their choice of an A side song.